Tank BOMB™

  • Tank BOMB™ is a golf ball size 3 Watt submersible IP rated UVC sterilising ball.  This product gives you the ability to sterilise your water and nutrient tank with UVC light.  
  • The Tank BOMB works by emitting a germicidal ray which alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of a single celled organism.  
  • If used, installed and sized correctly, the Tank BOMB will clear your circulated water system in 3-5 days and keep it that way.  
  • Use it to clean recycled rainwater, or to sterilise tanks to improve water quality and suppress harmful water borne diseases, such as pythium and phytophthora. 
  • Tank BOMB™ features a basic 1 channel dimmable control, to alter the intensity of the sterilising power, with IP68 Connectors.  
  • We can make a custom power supply if you wish to run more than 4 in the same tank. 
  • Tank BOMB £42
  • PowerHUB power supply £54 (can run up to 4 Tank BOMBs) 

Tank Bomb and PowerHUB

1x UV sterilising light ball for hydroponic water tanks, plus 1x PowerHUB power supply