Advanced Range Control HUB™

Using specialist LED control Protocol we are opening up the world of horticultural lighting to a new age of diverse control and programming. This gives a grower the most naturalistic experience for their plants, eliminating plant stress and encouraging healthier growth cycles.

By giving you the ability to replicate times of day and times of year to suit individual plant needs, customers can even alter a plants architectural structure and biomass. This gives you the opportunity of allowing your plants to live up to their full potential.

This is achieved in our STIK™ Double EDGE™ and MotherShip™ products by giving users the ability to control 2 major spectrums and 2 honed colour temperatures individually, giving you 4 separate channels of flexible control that cover the plants photosynthetic requirement throughout its complete life cycle.

With our intuitive APP and WiFi control you have the flexibility to alter your system whenever and wherever you are, giving the most advanced growers and novices the same footing.

The Control HUB™ is compatible with:

  • STIK™
  • Double EDGE™
  • MotherShip™
  • OverGrown U.V.ME™

We supply our Control HUB™ in a plethora of wattages depending on your desired product and setup.

It is a Plug and Play system, simply download the APP and start your plant on the road to a healthier stress free life.

Prices start from £350.00

Please Contact to discuss you wattage needs and to get a quote today.