Quick Roll™

Modular Growth quick roll™ grow/bloom

Making our specialist engineering available to everyone, this immensely easy to use LED strip can be used indoors or outdoors. A great introductory product for using LEDs, this product creates cheap and easy supplementary lighting for your current system.

Simply cut to length and join together using our accessories – create your own designs.

QuickRoll™ features 5050 Epistar horticultural diodes within an IP silicone housing.

· 10cm cut points 

· 72W p 5m roll

· 24V

· Power output equivalent of a 200W HPS fixture 

· Bloom or Grow spectrums available 

·Can be connected directly to a 24v power supply for on/off control or with our Power HUB™ for remote controlled dimming.

Included: 2x link cables, 2x power input cable, 2x right angle solder connections and 2x PCB joiners

Power Hub™  sold separately 

£65.00 per 5m roll

Quick Roll 5 metres GROW

Flexible LED strip light - 5m length GROW spectrum


Quick Roll 5 metres BLOOM

Flexible LED strip light - 5m length BLOOM spectrum


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