Basic Range Power HUB™

Our Modular Growth® Basic Range Power HUB™ is a plug and play remote control system, enabling you to control the lights intensity for your plants or as a ON/OFF control system depending on your choice of Power HUB™

The basic range products comparable are:

  • Quick Roll™
  • OverWatch™
  • Basic STIK™
  • Tank BOMB™
  • RingGrowStar™

Our Power HUB™ comes with either 2 x 24v outputs (150w/10m of Quick Roll™) or 4 x 24v outputs (300w/20m of Quick Roll™) as standard and are in a robust IP65 housing .

The Power HUB™ can control multiples of the same products simultaneously, depending on your desired requirements.

Perfect for creating a controllable area to propagate seeds out of season, light a cuttings nursery, supplementing indoor or outdoor plants and even use as a stand-alone grow area lighting source.

Prices start from £175.00

If you would like to order or discuss a bigger Power HUB™ please contact to discuss you wattage needs and to get a quote today.