The first system of its kind, our RingGrowStar™ products create under canopy lighting, perfect for boosting production and yield and promoting plant health.  Now you can get light in those hard to reach places!   

Our RingGrowStar™ products are dimmable, and feature a  3 colour CCT comprising of 2700K, 3000K, 6500K to give you a full grow spectrum.  They also feature a M16 IP68 connector and 1m of shielded armoured cable.  


· 14W

· 24V

· 150mm internal diameter 

· 60x LM301H 3030 diodes

· Waterproof – conformal coated with crystal acrylic

· Can be daisy-chained with our PowerHub™

DIY Only PCB boards also available 

Price : £45.00


LED frisbee for lighting your plant from underneath – without legs


Coming Soon…

RingGrowStar XL™ 

· 60W


· 300ml internal diameter 

· 240x  LM301H 3030 diodes

· Gap so it can be placed around mature plants

DIY Only PCB boards also available 

For prices please contact adam@modulargrowth.com