About Us

Exceptional LED for growing indoors

Here at Modular Growth® we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of LED grow lighting sources for the horticultural and agri-food sector. We are based in the UK. Our customers range from commercial and urban food markets to hydroponic and vertical farms, to home growers and allotment holders, colleges and universities. The Modular Growth product range grows bigger, higher yielding plants in spaces with little or no access to natural light.

Director and Founder – Adam Greenwood

Adam has worked in technical and project management positions for over 15 years, designing and installing theatre lighting and data cabling. His expert knowledge of LED and passion for growing is combined in our products.

“We pride ourselves on our design, manufacture and install abilities. Whether you are looking for a quick off the shelf purchase or an industrial scale design and install, we can provide. I’m very proud of the flexibility, efficiency and level of control that Modular Growth lights can give our customers. We are always here to help guide you in every way. Whether you are a novice or a professional we will be happy to help you.”

Our product range

Expertly designed LED

Our LED systems are unique in that they are designed to replicate sunlight, and can be adjusted to support the various stages of photosynthetic cycles. Our systems can be used for seed propagation growth through to fruit/flowering. Creating the correct light environment reduces plant stress, and allows the plant architecture and biomass to be altered. With our control accessories you can create light timelines to automatically change the LED output to create a time of day, or even a time of year.

Through our ongoing research we have discovered the most successful nanometer outputs are 650nm (flowering) , 440nm and 460nm(vegetive growth), as well as the most successful colour temperature outputs to be 2700K (flowering growth) and 6500K (vegetive growth). By using these separately, then eventually simultaneously, we are able to stimulate a crop to the desired effect with our honed full spectrum output.

Energy efficient

In times where we need to re-think our food production methods, Modular Growth’s high end horticultural products offer excellent energy efficiency. Our LED’s are extremely powerful but use a small amount of power in comparison to our competitors. With our lights you can create space saving structures, or adapt your own set up to grow in any space.

As our systems are 24v they can be powered directly via wind and solar, making it accessible technology anywhere in the world.

Easy to install with a unique structure

Our LEDs are housed in a high strength anodised aluminium casings. This makes them extremely hard wearing and easy to install, as well as looking fantastic. Most of our aluminium structures also cleverly incorporate a passive heat sink, to disperse any heat produced by the LEDs away from the crops, whilst maintaining the IP integrity.

Modular Structures

Our STIK™, Double Edge™ and MotherShip™ Modular LED systems are designed to fit together to create their own self supporting structures. Customers can produce any structure they wish, for example, a vertical farm framework. Our lights can also be attached to existing structures using our built in bolt rails and rigging accessories. The space saving aluminium structure gives a larger area for crop yield, whilst removing the need for uneconomic sodium lighting systems.

Total Control

The Modular Growth® Control HUB™ intelligently controls our lighting sources, automatically switching between times of day for varying crop needs. You can even create a year of light, to take a crop from seed to harvest. The Control HUB™ can be controlled via Bluetooth APP and Wifi making accessibility and control easier than ever.

The full spectrum

When all of these elements are brought together you get a system that is designed for all types of photosynthetic production, easy to use, hard wearing, but more importantly, you get an environmentally friendly system that vastly cuts costs in energy bills and eliminates the wasted energies discharged by other lighting systems.

Looking ahead

We hope to make our technology more accessible in the future, so it can be used for teaching and learning purposes for schools and inner city areas.

By using our cloud based software, we hope to build a community where light recipes can be shared, to give everyone the best footing for their grow. We hope to give everyone the chance to learn about LED lighting, Colour Spectrum and Colour mixing through this portal.

If every household had the chance to grow in the controlled way that LED provides, no matter where they lived or what the time of year, we could contribute to lifting some of the burden that current food production methods place on the environment.

Thinking outside the box, to grow inside the box.